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Let us pose you couple of questions:

  • Do you have a berth for your new sailing boat or catamaran that you’ve been thinking about and nearly decided to buy?
  • Do you have time and technical knowledge to be able to maintain your new sailboat or catamaran?
  • Do you have time and will to prepare your sailboat or catamaran before and after every departure?
  • After all, very honestly, how many days per year you plan to spend on your future sailboat or catamaran?

Sailing in Croatia on a sailing boat

Let us help you to respond very briefly for you, 30-40 days on a sailboat is the time that you earn your new love, if you don’t have this time don’t cheat her, we have an answer for you right now:

History of Ultra Yacht investment and charter management program:
We started with charter management activity in 1997.
We’ve learned a lot, every day we still learn something new and keep changing along with the market rules and desires of seamen and sailors who own sailboats and catamarans or charter one from our fleet.

What is good and successful, we don’t change. We don’t change the shipyard that we cooperate with, Beneteau is still our only choice in the sailing boat range. We also started with the catamaran world in 2012 proposing the very attractive Fountaine Pajot catamarans. FP & Beneteau are cloth to our nautical philosofy: yachts and boats which sail and offer a maximum of safety and commodity.
We don’t change our passion for sailing boats and sailing business which we running all this years.

Charter management:

To keep it simple, CM is actually sum of activities in which we take care about your sailboat and people which are sailing with it, from first early contact to last goodby  when they finish their vacation period on the boat, very often even later when we winterizing Your boat and maintain her for new sailing season.

Let us simplify it even more, there are two diferent versions from financial and ownership side:

First version Yacht investment - ownership program:
Owner of the boat is giving his boat in our hands to organise full charter activity with her.
Our responsabilty is to find a berth for the boat, organise maintance, find bookings,organise full support for clients which are use the boat etc.

Thankfully to such Charter Management contract we divide brutto income in two parts: owners part and charter management part.
From owner part he is responsible to cover for example: berth costs, insurance and expecting costs of spare parts which has to be changed periodically to keep high level of boat operational quality.

From Charter management incomes we cover our complete operational costs to run bussines, agency provision for booking (we operate with 150 booking agencies worldwide), our labour, marketing costs etc.

Quantity of owner income percentage depends from type of the boat, certain plan of weeks to be used by the owner and period of CM agreement.

To organise a business under regular law procedure each boat has to be owned by Croatian legal business company and registered on Croatian Flag. Since 2013 and the Croatian adhesion to EU, it's now easier for EU citizen to own boat on EU flag trough EU company and make charter acitivities in Croatia.


More details about Yacht investment in Croatia and how to become a boat owner You can find in our blog post.

Second version - future ownership:
Usual for large international charter operators and clients living outside Croatia.
We propose to clients who are thinking about boat acquisition in longer ways an initial invest amount at the start corresponding to 18 weeks of charter in the next 6 seasons. In the meantime Ultra use the boat for his charter activities and finance the remaining boat value. In 6 years, the initial investor can become the boat owner if he pays the initial amount 2 times.

Using the sailingboat – owner's weeks:
Boat owner or future boat owner can personally use boat for by the defined programs we propose.

End of Charter management program:
When the Charter management program ends period of 6 years, we are able to run a boat in charter next 3 years, but only in version of boat ownership program.

Also we are able to offer our brokerage service to assist in boat sales or take her in trade in offer for the new boat in CM program.

For all details and further information about our charter management program and sailing boats or catamarans purchase, please contact our sales department on:

Oceanis 51.1 sailing yacht investment - charter management Croatia

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