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If you are planning bareboat charter in Croatia and want to sail in the Adriatic sea, please find below some useful tips and information for the perfect sailing holiday in Croatia:
With 1800 km of coastline and over 1200 islands and islets, Croatia is literally a sailing paradise. Sailors love the independence that the sea offers, the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, countless bays and beaches, so a sailing vacation in Croatia is a must for every sea lover.
Destinations and airports:
It's important to clear where you would like the start your sailing vacation in Croatia. We can offer 4 starting marinas for our sailing boat or catamaran rental in Croatia:
  • DUBROVNIK -airport Dubrovnik (distance approx. 25KM) - South Adriatic
  • TROGIR -airport Split (distance approx. 8KM) - Middle Adriatic
  • SPLIT -airport Split (distance approx. 25 KM) - Middle Adriatic
  • POMER -airport Pula (distance approx. 10KM) - North Adriatic


All airports are very well connected with airports from Europe. Transfer from the airport to the base can always be arranged through our booking office.

As mentioned, with 1800 km of coastline, the variety is quite large, so you should make the decision according to your wishes and preferences. When it comes to yacht charter, we divide the sailing areas into Istria (Pula, Pomer), Kvarner Bay (Krk, Cres), North Dalmatia (Zadar, Sibenik), Central Dalmatia (Split, Trogir) and South Dalmatia (Dubrovnik). All mentioned sailing areas offer a good quality of the nautical infrastructure (ports, marinas, buoy fields) and are rich in tradition, culture, historic old towns, local gastronomy and much more.


Advice for the sailing routes recommendation in North (Istria and Kvarner), Middle or South Adriatic are described: HERE

How to book a bareboat yacht charter  in Croatia:
If you have chosen already your sailing area and already know what type of sailing boat you are looking for yacht rental then you can check our "search engine" to check availability.
Of course, every guest pays attention to the price, but we suggest doing some research about the particular charter company through the reviews on the internet. Our booking department stay at your disposal to give you all needed information and advices regarding your sailing holiday, please contact our booking office directly on The booking office is open from 08:00-20:00 hour (Mon-Fri) and you will receive an answer in 30 minutes for all your requests. Boats can be held under a reservation-hold for you 3-4 days if you need some time to discuss it with your crew.
When you decide that you would like to book and confirm a bareboat charter, our booking office will send you the confirmation with all payment and bank details. After receiving an advance payment, you should receive a contract which confirms the payment and after receiving the balance payment - a boarding pass with all necessary details will be send. The booking office will ask you your arrival time in the marina (important for our schedule) and crew list details (skippers license number, name and surname of all the crew, date of birth and passport number).

Necessary documents for bareboat charter Croatia:
For bareboat charter in Croatia, you need a valid sailing license & VHF license. It is always better to check if your license is valid on the website of Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Sailing licence in Croatia and then look for "Recognised certificates for operating boats and yachts". Or you can send the documents which you have and we'll check it for you and confirm validation of the licence.

Check-in on board is at 17:00 hour on Saturday. By that time all boats will be ready. If you are arriving earlier please come to our office so we can immediately finish up some "paperwork":

  • you will receive documents of the boat and weather forecast, etc.
  • you will be asked to show your original skipper license
  • we will confirm the crew list and charge you tourist tax
  • payments can be made by credit card or cash
  • you will be advised about using our support line

Only after the documents procedure in the office, technical check-in on the boat can be provided. Until 17:00 we will start the technical check-in procedure with technical equipment list which should be signed by the client and Ultra Sailing staff who made the handover. We give our best to prepare the boat earlier, once you arrive, we can tell you if the boat will be ready earlier.  We kindly advise that just one or two persons, usually the skipper and co-skipper do the technical check-in briefing with one staff member from Ultra Sailing as it goes faster. In the meantime, the rest of the crew can go shopping or for a lunch.

Safety deposit for bareboat yacht Charter Croatia :

All boats are insured and safety deposit can be left in two ways:

Refundable deposit:
Can be left by credit card as pre-authorisation (preferred) or in cash. After returning your boat deposit amount will be unblocked (returned to the client). A safety deposit is a part that insurance does not cover for example lost dinghy or broken window. If the damage is smaller than the safety deposit (for example lost boat fender approx 400 HRK) we will unblock your card anyway and charge the amount of real cost (example boat fender 400 HRK). All damages should be reported immediately on the support number. In case of bigger damage maximum charge is the amount of deposit written in your confirmation and in the price list.

Non-refundable deposit-damage loss/waiver: For those who would like a Non-refundable deposit while sailing bareboat (written also in the price list) we will need for the insurance following details: copy of skippers license and passport or ID and address. The payment for non-refundable deposit will be charged into 2 parts: non-refundable part (180€-440€) depends of the boat and will be paid directly to insurance + 100€ refundable part in cash which will be returned after check out and without any damage.

If you need any further information and details about leaving a deposit while booking one of our boats, we stay at your disposal.


Please take care of the sea while sailing in Croatia

eco - michael

Let the next generation enjoy the Adriatic Sea while sailing in Croatia. Therefore we respect the nature and environment:


  • do not throw rubbish into the sea while sailing in Croatia
  • do not discharge wastewater from the boat near the shore and in protected areas
  • do not violate the law on fishing
  • protect aquatic plants and animals
  • apply to the competent bodies of environmental pollution
  • the open fire is forbidden
  • save the water, Croatia mainland is full of fresh water but islands are not, so please save the water whenever you can (do not wash boats or take long showers).
  • Croatian tap water is safe for drinking so you can always refill your bottles (but not the water tanks on your sailing boats).
  • save energy: sail as much as you can, try windsurfing (Korčula area), kayak (island Mljet-national Park), avoid motor scooters and motor boats.

Bareboat sailing holidays Croatia Ultra Sailing

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