Marinas in Croatia

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The Croatian coastline is one of the most indented coastlines in the world. Of the 1242 islands, islets and cliffs, only 47 islands are inhabited. The gentle sea and the Mediterranean climate allow sailing throughout the year, although the season of renting of sailing boats and catamarans starts in the middle of April and lasts until the middle of October, even longer when it comes to regattas.


The marinas in Croatia are located in towns along Croatian coast, which are mostly located near the airport, or in beautiful bays on the islands.

In Croatia, there are more than 56 marinas which together offer 16000 sea berths and 8500 berths on land for sailing boats. Apart from marinas, there are also many private sailing clubs and ports.

In 1983, ACI marina begins with organized building of marinas in the Adriatic. The oldest and the leading chain, consisting of 22 marinas, also hosts our vessels in the most attractive marinas at the Adriatic coast in Dubrovnik, Split and Pomer (Pula). The majority of the marinas are situated in the Middle and South Adriatic, which is of greatest interest to the yachters. Apart from ACI marinas, there are also privately owned marinas, like marina Baotic in Trogir. They all follow trends and are adjusted to modern needs and wishes of yachters. The marinas, apart from berthing, offer a wide variety of services and facilities such as restaurants, supply shops, yachting equipment stores, showers and laundry.


The daily berth price in marinas changes during seasons and depends on the length of the vessel. The most expensive daily berth is always in the middle of the season (from the middle of June to the end of August). The daily berth prices for a sailing boat are 7€-12€ per meter length per day, depending on the period and the marina. The price of berths for catamarans are mostly charged per length multiplied by 2. The prices vary from a marina to a marina. The more popular marinas such as Split, Dubrovnik and Palmižana are pricier. Some marinas (such as ACI marina Korčula), which are located further from the land, usually offer promotional discounts for berths during the weekend when the business is slower, for the vessels usually return to their land base. For those who sail One way, or who are lucky enough to be on the sea for more than one week, the weekend is perfect to spend some time in the marinas on islands because they are less crowded.

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The annual berth price also depends on the type of marina. The more attractive marinas are usually pricier. The annual berth price for a sailing boat of 10-12 m (32-39 ft.) length is from 3000 EUR to 8000 EUR. For sailing boats of 14-16m (45-52 ft.) length, the annual berth price can amount from 8500 EUR or more.


Apart from the marinas in Croatia mentioned below, there are other moorings in small island places and ports. The mooring prices in some places are significantly lower than the price of berths in a marina, and the prices range from 3 EUR to 6 EUR per meter length of the sailing boat. Some places offer only water and electricity; the others only mooring on buoys in order to minimize the traffic jam in their small ports. The price of buoy mooring or on the shore of the place usually includes collection of garbage. In Croatian national parks such as, for instance on the island of Mljet, the berth price usually includes a ticket for the national park.







 ACI marina Dubrovnik  Dubrovnik  00 385(0)20 455 020
 ACI marina Slano  Slano  00 385(0)20 441 721
 Marina Lumbarda  Island Korčula  00 385(0)20 712 489
 ACI marina Korčula  Island Korčula  00 385(0)20 711 661
 ACI marina Vrbovska  Island Hvar  00 385(0)21 774 144
 Nautical center Komiža  Island Vis  00 385(0)21 713 849
 ACI marina Palmižana  Island Hvar-Pakleni islands  00 385(0)21 744 995
 ACI marina Vrbovska  Island Hvar  00 385(0)21 774 144
 ACI marina Milna  Island Brač  00 385(0)21 636 306
 Marina Martinis Marchi  Island Šolta  00 385(0)21 659 093
 ACI marina Split  Split  00 385(0)21 398 548
 Marina Kaštela  Kaštel Gomilica  00 385(0)21 204 010
 ACI marina Trogir  Trogir  00 385(0)21 881 544
 Marina Zirona  Island Drvenik Veli  00 385(0)99 810 7801
 Marina Agana  Marina  00 385(0)21 889 411
 Marina Frapa  Rogoznica  00 385(0) 22 559 900
 Marina Kremik  Primošten  00 385(0)22 570 068
 ACI marina Skradin  Skradin  00 385(0)22 771 365
 Marina Mandalina  Šibenik  00 385(0)22 312 975
 Marina Zaton  Zaton (Šibenik)  00 385(0)22 485 018
 ACI marina Vodice  Vodice  00 385(0)22 443 086
 ACI marina Jezera  Jezera  00 385(0)22 439 295
 Marina Tribunj  Tribunj  00 385(0)22 447 140
 ACI marina Piškera  Kornati islands  00 385(0)91 470 0091
 ACI marina Žut  Kornati islands  00 385(0)22 786 0278
 Marina Hramina  Island Murter  00 385(0)22 434 411
 Marina Betina  Island Murter  00 385(0)22 434 497
 Marina Šangulin  Biograd na moru  00 385(0)23 383 738
 Marina Kornati  Biograd na moru  00 385(0)23 383 800
 Marina Dalmacija Zadar  Sukošan  00 385(0)23 200 300
 Tankerkomerc marina Veli Iž  island Iž  00 385(0)23 277 006
 Marina Sutomišćica  Island Ugljan  00 385(0)23 335 808
 Marina Preko  Island Ugljan  00 385(0)23 286 433
 Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar  Zadar  00 385(0)23 204 730
 Marina Vitrenjak  Zadar  00 385(0)23 331 076
 Marina Borik  Zadar  00 385(0)23 333 036  
 ACI marina Rab  Island Rab  00 385(0)51 724 023
 ACI marina Supetarska Draga  Island Rab  00 385(0)51 776 268
 ACI marina Šimuni  Island Pag  00 385(0)23 697 462
 ACI marina Pula  Pula  00 385(0)52 211 850
 ACI marina Rovinj  Rovinj  00 385(0)52 813 133
 ACI marina Umag  Umag  00 385(0)52 741 066
 ACI marina Opatija  Opatija  00 385(0)51 704 004


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